Guildmaster of the Cerulean Society


A corpulent man whose flabby form belies surprisingly powerful muscle, Boule’s body bears the marks of excess and drug abuse. His hair is short and brown (nearly bald), and his eyes are nearly pinpoints from how beady they are. He tends to dress in the blue uniform of the Cerulean Society; an effort to grant an air of legitimacy to the only guild tolerated within the city’s limits.


Boule is Guildmaster of the Cerulean Society, Korvosa’s Thieves Guild (and the lone such organization allowed within the city). He behaves more like a corrupt official than a kingpin, openly directly his thugs to collect “taxes” from various establishments. Those who cannot pay his prices (which are seemingly random, ranging from a single gold sail a year to ungodly amounts of Platinum) find themselves subject to all manner of criminal misbehavior. Boule’s presence in the city is tolerated by the magistrate only because it makes it easier to keep track of the city’s criminal element; the man knows most everything about the city’s criminal underground, and will happily sell information or services to anyone willing to pay. Those who refuse find themselves subject to much worse problems than law enforcement…


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