Gaedren Lamm

Kidnapper and Crime Lord


Gaedren Lamm is a jaundiced and bent corpse of a man, his eyes yellowed and skin speckled from age. His left leg has a pronounced limp as he shuffles about. He’s bald (a fact he painstakingly conceals with his wide-brimmed hat), and bitterly cruel. Still, the man is cunning in his old age, and while he may not be up to fighting much himself he has the opportunity, his agents Yargin, Hookshanks, and Giggles are more than able to.


Formerly an adventurer who lost much of his adventuring party after a disastrous expedition to the Hold of Belkzen, Gaedren Lamm has become a deeply bitter old man who cares about little more than himself. He’s the leader of the “Lamm’s Lambs”, a ‘gang’ consisting of kidnapped orphans he controls through fear and intimidation.

Lamm’s spree of crime is relatively minor compared to the works of the Sczarni and the Cerulean Society, which ironically makes him that much more difficult to capture, as the Korvosan Guard has few resources to devote to his arrest.

Gaedren Lamm

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