Glorio Arkona

Lord of House Arkona


A kind-faced man who bears signs of mixed Chelaxian and Vudrani blood, Lord Arkona dresses in the exotic Vudrani fashions that brought his family wealth. He’s rarely without a gregarious smile, and can frequently be seen wandering the streets of Old Korvosa, giving out silver to the peasants and treats to the children.


House Arkona has a sinister history. Having made their wealth through trade with distant Vudra, they once had their fingers in all of Korvosa’s vices. Lord Glorio represents a significant paradigm shift for the house, having dissolved many of the house’s brothels and drug dens in favor of building orphanages and homeless shelters. He’s beloved by many of the people of Korvosa as a result and is heralding House Arkona to an era of legitimacy.

Rumors abound that he is not entirely what he seems, and that House Arkona’s dark reputation cannot be turned around in but a single generation. His sister Meliya certainly doesn’t seem willing to abandon the old ways.

Glorio Arkona

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