Keppira D'Bear

Bishop of the Pharasman Church


Bishop Keppira D’Bear is an older Chelaxian woman, almost always clad in the dark grey robes of the Pharasman clergy. Despite the somewhat grim associations of her deity, Bishop D’Bear recognizes her goddesses role as both midwife and psychopomp, and carries herself with a dignified, yet soft spoken air.


The High Priestess of Pharasma, Goddess of Birth and Death, Keppira D’Bear guides her clergy from the fortress-like Grand Cathedral of Pharasma in the Gray District. Under her guidance, the number of undead attacks in the district has reached an all-time low, as her clergy works closely with that of Sarenae in order to bring rest to the dead.

Bishop D’Bear oversees both portentous births and notable deaths, and it is customary to approach one of her subordinates prior to requesting a resurrection, as the domain of life and death falls under Pharasma before all others. She is a vocal critic of Toff Ornelos and The Acadamae; particularly the Hall of Whispers, which she views as being an affront to her goddess.

Keppira D'Bear

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