Eodred Arabasti II

The Ailing King of Korvosa


An aged, increasingly decrepit man; King Eodred II was once known as an incorrigible womanizer and playboy. In his old age, however, he’s a rapidly fading shadow of his former self, with his wrinkled skin bearing signs of leprosy that seem to persist despite the efforts of the city’s clergy.


King Eodred II is the son of Queen Domina (widely considered to be the most beloved ruler of Korvosa), and has ruled the city more firmly than any other monarch to date. He is skilled in working with the various noble houses of the city, and has managed to negotiate various lucrative trade deals with places as far away as Vudra and Tian Xia. He’s also beloved for his contributions to the city’s infrastructure, the most notable being the Pantheon of Many.

King Eodred is subject to several foul rumors, mostly relating to his womanizing nature. He once openly had a harem of lovers (several of which were rumored to be underage, though Eodred firmly denies this), and has been known to spend much of the city’s gold on his own pleasure and luxury. The most scandalous rumors relate to his whirlwind love affair with Queen Ileosa; a woman nearly a third his age.

Despite all of this, he’s fairly popular in Korvosa, which most considering him a benign and mostly harmless monarch. As much of the city’s power lies in the hands of the magistrate and castle seneschal anyway, this is probably for the best.

Eodred Arabasti II

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