Marcus Endrin

Commandant of the Sable Company


A lantern-jawed man of old Chelish blood, with straw blond hair and an archers build, Marcus Endrin is rarely seen outside of his Sable Company regalia – a custom made set of black leather armor, complete with quiver and bow.


Current Lord of House Endrin and Commandant of the Sable Company, Marcus Endrin leads his hippogryph mounted rangers against threats both aerial and nautical; striking against pirates, Shoanti marauders, and the rare young dragon. He answers directly to Seneschal Neolandus Kalepopolis.

Commandant Endrin is not the most politically savvy man, and tends to act based on what he thinks is right, rather than what is necessarily advantageous for Korvosa. This has led to some botched diplomatic relations with nearby Magnimar, and has led to a few clashes with Ileosa Arabasti, who he is known not to support politically.

Marcus Endrin

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