Cressida Kroft

Field Marshal of the Korvosan Guard


A woman of mixed Chelaxian and Varisian descent, Cressida Kroft is an attractive, dark-haired woman who is rarely seen without her signature red armor. She is a dedicated servant of Korvosa, to the point where there are some rumors claiming she uses magic to avoid sleep.


Field Marshal Kroft earned her position less than a year ago after stopping a group of Norgorber cultists from unleashing a deadly poison onto the city’s tricentennial feast. This has made her quite popular among Korvosa’s common folk and elite alike, and made her a shoe-in for the position once the previous Field Marshal retired that same year.

Kroft was inspired to take up the blade after a childhood encounter with Blackjack, where the masked vigilante rescued her from a raging Otyugh that had escaped from the city’s sewers. While her lawful nature prevents her from donning a mask and defending the common good, she nonetheless is sympathetic toward vigilantes and other adventurers that defend the city in secret.

Cressida Kroft

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