Neolandus Kalepopolis

Seneschal of Castle Korvosa


Seneschal Kalepopolis is an older man, approaching 70 years of age. He carries himself with the air of a military commander, typically dressed in the regalia of the Chelaxian navy; a remnant from the city’s founding.


The Senechal of Castle Korvosa represents one of the most important checks against the monarch’s power. In addition to being Commander in Chief of the Sable Company (a full third of the city’s military force), the Seneschal also controls Castle Korvosa and all structures immediately surrounding and within it.

Originally, the Seneschal had the ability to evict the sitting monarch from Castle Korvosa, should the people of the city call for it. Thanks to the popularity of the late Queen Domina (and the amendments she made to the city’s charter), the monarch now retains permanent residence within Castle Korvosa so long as they bear the family name of Arabasti. Still, the Seneschal can turn the ruler into a prisoner in his own home by sealing the castle and ordering the Sable Company to man all the exits; a power which the Seneschal has seen no need to use in the city’s entire history.

Neolandus Kalepopolis

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