Ileosa Arabasti

Her Royal Highness


Queen Ileosa Arabasti (née Arvanxi) is a young woman of clear Chelaxian descent, identifiable by her brilliant red hair, piercing green eyes, and angelic voice.

Ileosa is known throughout Korvosa for her nigh-unparalleled beauty, and little else. She has a reputation as a gold digger, and many see her as being little better than a member of King Eodred’s recently disbanded harem. She lacks wit and learning and has been known to use the small bits of bardic magic she knows to amuse herself with illusions or childish pranks while Eodred holds court. Nearly everyone in Korvosa agrees she’s the worst possible choice for the city’s ruler, yet Eodred’s inability to produce an heir means the Crimson Throne will inevitably pass to her upon his death.


Hailing from the Chelaxian capital of Westcrown, Ileosa scandalized her family by calling off her arranged marriage to the local nobility in favor of traveling to distant Korvosa, where King Eodred quickly fell for the young courtesan. After a scandalously short romance, Eodred and Ileosa were wed in a citywide ceremony, and Ileosa quickly became an unwanted staple of the royal court.

Ileosa is not overly fond of Korvosa, being used to the much more cosmopolitan Westcrown. She has, in her most petulant moments, been overheard referring to it as a “backwater colonial village”. Few of the nobility like her and some are even expecting her to skip town with a chunk of the royal treasury the moment that Eodred finally kicks it.

Ileosa Arabasti

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