Zellara Esmeranda

Mistress of the Harrow


A middle-aged Varisian woman known throughout Midpoint for her skill with the Harrow.


Zellara Esmeranda is well known for her skill with the Harrow, and has a reputation for the accuracy of her fortunes. Part of this notoriety comes from the quality of her harrow deck, which is enchanted to show various illusions related to the images on the cards.

Madame Esmeranda was a popular figure in Midpoint (particularly among children), which made her sudden withdrawal from society that much stranger. A year ago, Zellara’s fortune telling shop was unexpectedly forced to close. Some time later, rumors began circulating that Zellara’s son Eran was violently murdered. Zellara grew increasingly withdrawn and depressed after that, eventually disappearing completely some weeks ago.

Zellara Esmeranda

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