Zenobia Zenderholm

Hanging Judge


A middle-aged woman with a cold and stern face, and raven black hair. Zenobia is known to display a gentler side to the children she works with at the various orphanages of Korvosa. Her fashion sense is very conservative, consisting of fully concealing dresses in black or crimson.


Zena to her friends, the Lady of House Zenderholm has a fearsome reputation among Korvosa’s criminal community, as she is known for inflicting the harshest (some would say unreasonable) sentences out of all the arbiters. It would take an act of god to sway her from her pursuit of justice; any criminal that enters her courtroom has lost their freedom, if not their lives.

Despite this, she has a gentle side; she doles out relatively light sentences to those who commit crimes out of desperation (such as stealing to feed a family), and is known to use her skills as a Cleric of Abadar to aid the victims of crimes; providing free legal advice and magical aid. She also is responsible for giving loving homes to many of the city’s orphans, using her divination magic to help find suitable parents.

Zenobia Zenderholm

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