Character Creation

25 Point Buy Ability Scores

Use this Calculator to figure out what your ability scores will be.

One Campaign Trait, Two Normal Traits

Campaign Traits may be found here. Your other traits must be of different categories. Note that the Trap Finder trait is considered a typeless trait for this campaign.

4 Background Skills

Background Skills are listed here. 

Note that Climb, Acrobatics, and Swim are also Background skills for this campaign, and all background skills are also Class Skills.

Secret Identity

Put Secret Identity on your character sheet as if it were a trained class skill linked to Charisma.

Bonus Feats

Combat Expertise, Power Attack, Deadly Aim, Piranha Strike, Point Blank Shot, and Improved Unarmed Strike are automatically given to all characters who qualify.

Build a Character Like Normal

Roll for gold, and use your standard level 1 Hit Die. 

Bonus Equipment

After your character is mechanically done (but before you buy stuff), talk to the GM to get a bonus piece of signature equipment related to your Masked Persona.


Character Creation

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