Class List

Alchemist – Mad Scientist who Brews Magic Potions. Can throw bombs, turn into Mr. Hyde.

Arcanist – Mage who gets magic through a combination of study and inherent talent. Can learn spells from scrolls, and can force them to do unusual things. Slightly easier to manage than Wizard.

Barbarian – A warrior type who becomes superhumanly strong while enraged.

Bard – A performer or whose music/jokes/dances have magical power. 

Bloodrager – A barbarian who is touched by magical power, and can cast a small number of spells.

Brawler – An unarmed combatant that specializes in improvising tactics.

Cavalier – A Knight with a Horse.

Cleric – A priest of a deity who gets magic from prayer.

Druid – Someone who reveres nature and can turn into animals.

Fighter – A Warrior who specializes in being very skilled with weapons and armor. Can use combat tricks.

Gunslinger – Someone who can use primitive firearms.

Hunter – A nature-focused character who fights alongside a pet. Has spells, can shapeshift a little.

Inquisitor – A divine spellcaster who specializes in hunting down enemies of the faith, like a Witch Hunter.

Investigator – A detective who can brew alchemical tinictures and is very good with skills.

Kineticist – A psuedo-spellcaster that has inherent elemental powers, but casts them through their physical hardiness rather than mental ability.

Magus – A spellcaster that combines magic with swordplay.

Medium – A psychic who channels the spirits of the dead to gain their powers.

Mesmerist – A psychic who specializes in illusions and mind control.

Monk – An unarmed combatant who combines mysticism with beating the shit out of people,

Ninja – A sneaky melee combatant that specializes in exotic weapons and psuedo-mystical powers.

Occultist – A person who draws the magic power out of random gadgets and trinkets they carry with them.

Oracle – Someone who has been blessed/cursed with magical power by the gods.

Paladin - A Holy Knight of a Deity.

Psychic – A spellcaster that creates effects through their mind alone.

Ranger – A combatant with a pet who specializes in various combat styles (notably Archery) and knows a small amount of magic. 

Rogue - A sneaky person with a lot of skills who kills you when you least expect it.

Samurai – A Cavalier but IN JAPAN

Shaman – The most complicated class in the game. Draws divine power from various totemic spirits, and gets different powers depending on which spirits they are bonded with that day. 

Skald – A Bard whose music turns everything into a raging mosh pit.

Slayer - An assassin that tracks and kills their prey.

Sorcerer – A spellcaster that is inherently magical, due to parentage or some mysterious past mishap. Gets powers appropriate to bloodline, like granting wishes or growing dragon claws.

Spiritualist – A Spellcaster that has made friends with a spooky ghost and summons it to fight along side them.

Summoner – A spellcaster that has made friends with an angel/devil/spooky bone monster, and summons it to fight for them.

Swashbuckler – A dashing, agile warrior that fights with light weapons and can perform Feats of Derring Do.

Vigilante – A class that has two identities; a mild-mannered person, and a badass masked adventurer. Can fill potentially any role. 

Warpriest – A militant priest of a deity that enchants their weapons with divine power. Like a Paladin, but without having to worry about that Oath Thing.

Witch – A spellcaster who gets magic from a mysterious patron, and learns spells by communing with their familiar spirit. Gets a selection of at-will powers called Hexes. Excel at debuffing and support. Cackle frequently.

Wizard – A spellcaster that gets magic from studying. Learns the most spells out of anyone, but has to choose a school of magic they don't like. Involves a lot of book keeping, literally. You have a book

Class List

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