Though not an official (or even welcome) part of the Korvosan Military, the Hellknight Order of the Nail nonetheless plays an important role in ensuring Korvosa's stability.

The Hellknights originate in Infernal Cheliax, and base their regimented structure and practices on the most orderly armies of Hell. They are typically devotees of Asmodeus, though anyone is allowed within the order so long as they are purely devoted to law and order.

The Hellknights arrived in Korvosa under the auspices of the late Queen Domina Arabasti, who hoped their presence would strengthen ties to Cheliax. This did not work as intended (indeed, most Hellknights seem more concerned with the untamed streets of nearby Magnimar than the relatively tame Korvosa), and most Hellknights either wander around in search of trouble, or respond to the requests of the Government only when paid.

The main order of Hellknights in Varisia is the Order of the Nail, dedicated to quelling 'savagery' in favor of the order of Civilization. They dislike Shoanti (for their tribal practices) and Varisians (for their nomadic nature),  and tend to target them in preference over others when carrying out the Law.


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