House Rules

In order to better fit the intended tone of this campaign, several house rules will be in play. 

Alignment Clause

All player characters must be either Good, Lawful Neutral, or True Neutral. Chaotic Neutral and Evil Characters are not allowed, nor are character options that require you to be one of those alignments. 

Species Clause

All player characters must be able to pass as either one of the Core Pathfinder races (Human, Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Halfling, Half-Elf, Half Orc) or a Tiefling while in their civilian identities. (The modified Masked Persona rules allow for the concealment of more inhuman features, but certain obviously non-humanoid races are consequently not likely to be permitted). 

Campaign Traits

All player characters were inspired to heroism by the acts of Gaedren Lamm, a petty crimelord. While Lamm himself is doomed to be dispatched very early in the campaign (and should not be a major focus of your character's backstory), he's nonetheless left an impact on you. 

You begin with one of the Campaign Traits listed in the Official Curse of the Crimson Throne Player's Guide, in addition to the two standard traits given to starting Pathfinder Characters.

Background + Bonus Skills

This campaign uses a modified Background Skill system. Players get four additional skill slots to devote to Background Skills (rather than the typical two). In addition, Acrobatics, Climb, and Swim are considered to be Background Skills instead of Adventuring Skills. Background Skills (including these additional ones) are considered Class Skills for all classes.

Masked Personas

There is an additional subset of rules dedicated to the use of Masked Personas. See the page for more information.

Harrow Points

The Blessings of the Harrow Deck grants your characters a degree of control over their destinies. See the Harrow Points page for more details.

Feat Tax Evasion

Pathfinder has a lot of feats; many of which serve only as pre-requisites, or are so common as to be practically mandatory. This system intends to resolve that issue. See the Feat Tax Evasion page for more details.

House Rules

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