Masked Personas

The following rules originate in Inner Sea Intrigue, pg. 12. They have been modified for use in this campaign.

A Masked Persona is a secret identity adopted by an individual in order to conceal their true activities, for good or ill. In Korvosa, the most famous bearer of a masked persona is the vigilante Blackjack, but many others have chosen to don masks in order to conceal their true identities.

All players in this campaign begin with a cultivated Masked Persona, which provides them with the following benefits.


Your social and masked identities are considered completely distinct. While both of your identities register as the same alignment (unless you have a class feature which states otherwise, such as a Vigilante's dual identity), your masked persona counts as a distinct individual for the purposes of divination magic (such as scrying), unless the caster is aware of both identities. In addition, attempts to gather information and rumors using skill checks never connect the masked identity to the character's true self. Finally, your social identity will not face any repercussions for the actions of your masked persona unless your cover is blown.


A Masked Persona can look like just about anything and can appear as a different race, age, gender, or build than your character's true self, within reason.  For instance, characters who are supernatural hybrids (such as aasimar, tieflings, or changelings) may choose to reveal their more overt features only in their masked persona, or a sorcerer or bloodrager may choose to take on a form more appropriate to their bloodline (growing scales, or developing undead features) . Your appearance can be justified however you like (be it through illusions, innate ability, or just sick fashion sense). However, any equipment you wear is still recognizable to a casual viewer unless you take pains to disguise or conceal it. Regardless of what you choose, you ignore the disguise penalty for appearing as a different age, race, or gender when adopting your masked persona.

Maintaining a Masked Persona

To keep your Masked Persona active, you'll need to take pains to hide it from others. Because they play such a major role in this campaign, all players begin with a special skill to help with this.

Secret Identity (Cha)

This skill counts as a combination of Disguise, Bluff, Perform (Acting), and Sleight of Hand, but only for the purposes of maintaining one's masked persona. All players begin with this skill trained, and automatically gain ranks in it as they level up. The default formula for this skill is Level + Charisma Modifier + 3. Bonuses that apply to Disguise or Bluff solely for the purposes of maintaining a masked persona (such as a Vigilante's dual identity feature) apply to this skill instead. General skill bonuses may also be applied to this skill, if used appropriately. 

This skill has the following uses…

Conceal Identity

Keep people from connecting your masked and normal identities, by altering your features and shifting your mannerisms. You are considered to be Taking 10 with this skill at all times, but can take effort to conceal your identity when faced with someone familiar with you in both identities. You may also roll this in place of Bluff or Perform when attempting to convince someone that your identities are two distinct people.

Convenient Escape

You may use this skill in place of Bluff and Stealth in order to slip away and change into your masked persona.  

Obfuscate Competence

When forced to fight in your social identity, you may use this skill to make yourself look far less competent than you actually are. Attacks appear to be lucky shots, dodges appear to be convenient stumbles, and spells appear to be less effective than they actually are. You can even use this skill to feign defeat, convincing an enemy to leave you alone (and giving you a chance to make a Convenient Escape).

Blowing Your Cover

Outside of your party members (if you choose to reveal your identity to them) and certain plot-critical NPCs (such as Zellara), only one person per level may know your secret identity; be they a loved one, a rival, or an enemy. If your cover is blown, you lose your protection from divination, as well as any Masked Persona feats you may have. You may also be targeted in your social identity by powerful enemies. You may regain the benefits of these abilities by reducing the number of people who know your secret; either by killing them, modifying their memories, or tricking them into thinking they must be mistaken. 

You may choose to forgo a masked persona entirely and operate openly, but this will have consequences for you.

Masked Persona Feats

The following feats allow you to leverage your Masked Persona in order to gain some additional perks. With the exception of Convincing Persona, you lose these feats if your identity is compromised (but regain them once you can reestablish it).

Convincing Persona

People seem almost willfully ignorant of the connection between your masked persona and your real identity.

Prerequisite: Secret Identity 5 ranks, or dual identity class feature.

Benefit: Your masked persona cannot be compromised barring some massive, public unmasking, allowing you to to reap its benefits regardless of how many people know your true identity. You gain a +5 circumstance bonus to Secret Identity checks.

Masked Renown

Prerequisites: Cha 13, Secret Identity 2 ranks

Benefit: You gain the vigilante's renown social talent, allowing you to gather and maintain a reputation in a community.

Special: Beginning at 9th level, you can select this feat a second time to gain the great renown social talent.

Masked Symbol

Your alternative identity exists as a nearly inhuman avatar of a mood or cause.

Prerequisite: Secret Identity 1 rank or dual identity class feature.

Benefit: Your masked persona represents a particular concept, granting you a benefit while in your masked persona or vigilante identity. Each time you gain a new character level, you can choose to embody a different symbol, forgoing your previous bonus and gaining a new one.

Faith: +2 circumstance bonus on Diplomacy checks against creatures of your faith; +2 circumstance bonus on Intimidate checks against enemies of your faith.

Fear: +3 circumstance bonus on Intimidate checks.

Hope: +3 circumstance bonus on Diplomacy checks.

Leadership: +2 bonus to your Leadership score.

Mystery: +2 circumstance bonus Secret Identity checks.

The People: +2 circumstance bonus on checks to influence crowds.

Trust: +2 circumstance bonus on Bluff checks to lie and Diplomacy checks to make requests.


Masked Personas

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