I am Vengeance! I am the Night! 

For more than two centuries, the city of Korvosa has been defended by the masked figure known as Blackjack. It's been ten years since the last known sighting of the fabled vigilante, but the poor and downtrodden of Korvosa still look to the rooftops, waiting for their hero to return.

The city once known as the Jewel of Varisia teeters on the edge of chaos. The king's health is rapidly failing. Lacking an heir, the Crimson Throne is slated to pass on to his young wife, Ileosa Arabasti; a supremely unpopular figure within Korvosa's walls. Worse, various sinister forces are plotting to take advantage of the growing instability for their own ends.

The time for waiting has passed. It falls to a new generation of heroes to don the mask and rise up in the city's defense, before the fabled Curse of the Crimson Throne sends the city to its ruin. 

Guardians of Korvosa

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