Lamms Lambs

Calling Lamm's Lambs a "gang" is a stretch, as the organization only has four real members (including Gaedren Lamm himself). It would be more accurate to call it a human trafficking operation. Or perhaps an act of child abuse on a massive and utterly abhorrent scale.

The majority of Lamm's Lambs are children; either kidnapping victims, orphans sold by careless and desperate matrons, or children of the street who fell prey to Lamm's promise of shelter in exchange for 'some light work'. Lamm is a cruel taskmaster, known to brutally punish (and murder) the children in his employ when they displease him.

Much of Lamm's work is in petty crime; theft, extortion, drug dealing, and of course, kidnapping. Much of his work now is carried out by his three henchmen.

  • Yargin Balko - An amateur alchemist who is responsible for Lamm's accounting and day to day operations, and fancies himself an assassin.
  • Hookshanks Gruller - A gnome who uses his small size to blend in with the other Lambs, ensuring the children don't stray from their unsavory work.
  • 'Giggles' - A half-orc that serves as Lamm's taskmaster and muscle. He's known for his… lets say unusual sense of humor. 

Lamms Lambs

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